Energy and Transport

Research in energy and transport areas is vital to ensure a sustainable future of our planet in general and a low-carbon economy in particular. The aim of research in these fields is to support European energy union strategies to make energy more secure, affordable and sustainable, and foster sustainable and efficient transport in Europe. In order to face future challenges, EUSCP research includes experimental studies on ways to integrate renewable energy sources into the power grid. It also investigates the grid interoperability with, for example ICT and transport systems.

With its models and analyses, EUSCP will have contributed to the 2030 Climate and Energy Package that helps Europe reduce dependency on imports of gas and oil, boost its green technology industry and sustainable growth.

EUSCP supports scientific activities which analyse the broader economic impacts of the tighter greenhouse gas emissions’ reduction targets, covering the interactions between the economy, the energy system and the environment. Research on the transport system focuses on transport emission and their impact on the environment.

Main topics belonging to energy and transport

* Energy efficiency
* Energy sector economic analysis
* Energy security, distribution and markets
* Energy technology & innovation
* Nuclear energy
* Renewable energy
* Sustainable transport and fuels
* Transport safety and security
* Transport sector economic analysis