Public Health and Sport Policies

EUSCP provides scientific support to EU policies on public health and sport. With the aim of protecting general interests and health of society, our scientists assess selected consumer products, as well as selected health determinants such as safety and quality of food or chemical substances including nanomaterials.

EUSCP also supports research on dialogue, support, and participation across all areas of sport policy. We are increasingly called for a more comprehensive scientific support to public health and sport policies. With this purpose, we have been developing scientific competencies to tackle the rising number of public health and sport issues that can be dealt with most efficiently at the European level.

Main topics belonging to health and sport policies

* Alternatives to animal testing and safety assessment of chemicals
* Bioinformatics
* Consumer products
* Food and feed safety
* Food authenticity and quality
* GMOs
* Healthcare quality
* Human exposure
* Nanotechnology
* Nutrition
* Public health
* Sport sciences