EUSCP in brief

The European Scientific Collaboration Project (EUSCP) was started in January 2020 to help improve and bridge the interface between science and policy in order to enhance European’s capacity to better inform and influence the regulatory frameworks needed to address the new and emerging societal challenges confronting our societies as a whole.

By creating the conditions necessary for innovative and interdisciplinary research, as well as offering a creative and generative space in which ideas and knowledge in emerging thematic fields across different scientific and technological disciplines can thrive and flourish, EUSCP will have become an incubator for informal inquiry, stimulating ideas and activities and providing new insights, data projections and solutions for the increasingly complex medium and long term challenges facing Europe, especially in the fields of demography, big data and digital transformation.

Through the performance of advanced, cutting edge research, ranging from applied research to topics of a more academic character, all within a stimulating trans- and interdisciplinary environment, EUSCP allows external researchers and scientists to work together to explore and exchange new ideas and knowledge on scientific research in emerging fields of strategic societal importance.

Scientific activities such as projects and publications are typically led by a senior scientist with an established reputation in the research area and have a limited duration of a maximum of one year.

By drawing on and attracting high-level experts, EUSCP increasingly offers a stimulating and vibrant space where scientists are exposed to new ideas and a wide and box thinking for new solutions, helping to increase the visibility of EUSCP and allowing it to remain globally connected within the scientific through new strategic collaborations, as well as establishing worldwide.

As part of its wider outreach activities within Europe, ECSP also organises cafes and seminars, as well as policy labs and workshops, which allow and provide opportunities for visiting professors and academics to share and build expertise with stakeholders and policy makers in a particular field, and which facilitate cooperation and collaboration through research contributions going forward.

We are doing science for society

The European Scientific Collaboration Project (EUSCP) is science and knowledge service which employs scientists to carry out research in order to provide independent scientific advice and support to the scientific community, policy and decision-makers and the general public.

Independent scientific evidence for the scientific community, policy and decision-makers and the general public

* As science and knowledge service, EUSCP supports EU science policies with independent scientific evidence throughout the whole policy cycle.

* We create, manage and make sense of knowledge and develop innovative tools and make them available to policy makers.

* We anticipate emerging issues that need to be addressed at EU level and understand policy environments.

* We collaborate with over a thousand organisations worldwide whose scientists have access to many EUSCP facilities through various collaboration agreements.

* Our work has a direct impact on the lives of society by contributing with its research outcomes to a healthy and safe environment, secure energy supplies, sustainable mobility and consumer health and safety.

* We draw on over 20 years of scientific experience and continually build our expertise in knowledge production and knowledge management.

* We host unique research facilities and is home to thousands of scientists.